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All in one DAO

Welcome to BlockchainVerse:

CANDAO as the all-in-one DAO

5 Reasons WOW of CANDAO:

1- People Tokenization: Get tokenized, for the first time, and exist in the BlockchainVerse.

2- Data Ownership: Protect the flow of your information and contacts for interacting in a 100% decentralized space.

3- Matchify: Locally find and filter users, products or services verified by their interactions in the community.

4- Contribution Rewards: Rewards according to your contribution: You receive the benefits for the real impact of your content-profile.

5- Interactions Rewards: Monetizable interactions: The more contacts and more interactions, the more income.

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Community Builders:

All in One: All the functionalities of the main social media platforms, for infinite interactions.

Blockchain Based: Your earnings are assured in an independent, immutable and unalterable registry of interactions.

Lifetime Income: Generate lifetime income from the interactions of your circle of contacts and their circles up to the infinite.

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